Clippings Facebook AdAn ad for furniture retailer Clippings popped up in my Facebook feed this morning. The lovely image of two wooden benches immediately caught my eye, and the ad copy was engaging. We’re currently renovating our house, and I’ve been looking at furniture sites recently, so this was a well-targeted advert, and the image was well chosen. So much so that I wanted to see how much the benches were, and clicked through. The big fail? The landing page that the ad sent me to didn’t show the benches again.

Clippings Landing Page

Answer My Question!

Ads and landing pages should work like question and answer. My question on seeing the ad was ‘Those are nice …. How much are they?” But the landing page didn’t answer my question. Sure, there were lots of pictures of other lovely furniture on the page, some of which I might well look at too, but I’m starting off from a position of frustration. As the page was arranged by designer and I don’t know who designed the benches, it was hard to see how to find the information without using the site’s search function, which is a whole extra step.

I’m short on time, aware that I’m avoiding working by clicking random Facebook ads, and there’s lots of lovely furniture out there – if you don’t respond to my click-through by answering the question in my head immediately, you risk me losing interest and clicking away again. Which is what I did.

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